ESG Statement from our CEO

ESG is important to Consolite. We believe that this is an underpinning principle of how we work rather than something ‘extra’.

We have long worked to protect the Environment in our rural location, recycle where possible and save energy where practical. We use local suppliers where possible and bulk ship to ensure fewer vans, trucks and containers. We use local manufacture for our overseas contracts where possible to save shipping costs and the end user makes a saving too.
Our products typically replace power hungry incandescent light sources, providing up to 80% power savings to our customers, reducing the energy needs of large facilities and the fuel consumption of ships and aircraft.
An example of the savings LED lighting can make on military platforms; using LEDs on a nuclear submarine over the life of the reactor can provide one extra mission – this equates to about £1B.

We employ people as locally as possible to our rural location. We pay above average wages and we provide training to ensure our staff are always learning, giving them better employment opportunities in the future, either internally or externally.
We are an equal opportunities employer identifying the skills and qualities of the individual. We have long provided support to staff in difficult times employing the principle of being ‘decent people’ before thinking of the company’s bottom line.
We provide flexibility in working hours to work around personal commitments. We encourage hard work and believe that work should be enjoyed. Giving that bit extra is important but it is vitally important that the work life balance remains – regular overtime is not promoted.
We have strong policies on anti-bribery, anti-slavery, slave trade minerals and child labour.

We have strong values and principles at Consolite. These are underpinned by the expectations of customers and suppliers but also by the regulatory bodies auditing everything from our Quality Management System to the way we dispose of Electronic Equipment, from Health and Safety to Human Resources.
We adhere to those standards expected of us and we are audited regularly to ensure our records reflect our work.

For more information please see our ESG Policy.

Consolite is proud to be supporting two vitally important charities.

Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

“GWAAC rapidly dispatch Critical Care Doctors, Specialist Paramedics, and pioneering life-saving medical equipment to anyone who is desperately unwell or injured in Bristol and surrounding counties. By sending the skill and equipment normally found in a hospital Emergency Department to the scene of the most serious 999 calls, they give people the best chance on their worst day. But they receive no day-to-day Government funding or support from the National Lottery to keep this community asset flying.”

Our fund raising page is here.


We are also proud to support the work of this remarkable charity.

“RNLI volunteer lifeboat crews provide a 24-hour search and rescue service all around the UK and Ireland, while lifeguards keep a careful watch on the UK’s busiest beaches. They rely on the safest, most reliable lifeboats and modern stations to launch from. RNLI lifesaving and drowning prevention depend on supporter fundraising and the generous donations that you and others give.”

Our fund raising page is here.