Our luminaires are designed around commonly used light outputs and mounting configurations, permitting full interchangeability with legacy systems.

All our lights are based on LED technology for maximum reliability and energy efficiency.

Use of common LED formats and manufacturers provides immunity to future obsolescence, and we will provide support for 20 years.

Use of robust and established driver and PCB technologies means maximum reliability, and all our designs are proven in service on naval platforms around the world.

All our lights pass through a rigorous series of qualification tests to international standards to ensure they are suited to the stresses of the naval environment, interior and exterior, meeting as a minimum the Lloyd’s Register requirements. Standard tests include Shock, Vibration, Climate Exposure, EMC, Electrical, Ingress Protection.

We are pioneers in the development and use of NVG lighting on naval platforms. Uniquely our NVG area lighting can be supplied in low level white, rather than the usual green, with a number of benefits for the end user. We also wrote the UK Defence Standard for warship NVG lighting, Def Stan 02-587 Part 3, which has fast become a de facto standard around the world.

Some key features of our lights include:

Shock tested


All lights are tested to the most extreme shock levels, appropriate to their location, to ensure personnel safety.

Vibration tested


Lights pass through rigorous vibration testing to ensure they will continue to perform in the naval environment.

Climate tested

Climate Exposure

All designs are tested to ensure continued operation in the most extreme environments they will face, including hot, cold, humidity and salt.

NVG compliant


All lights are tested in our dark room facility and certified for compliance, ensuring the safety both of aviators and ship’s staff.

EMC tested


We test every design to ensure it is fully compliant with international standards for EMC compliance.



Accommodation lights can be supplied with USB ports to facilitate charging of personal devices.

Explosion proof


Where required lights are designed, tested and certified explosion proof for Zone 1 or Zone 2.

Ingress protection

Ingress Protection

All lights are designed and tested to the appropriate IP level for their environment.

Dual mode

Dual Mode

As required lights can be switchable to provide NVG or dark adaptation modes in low level white, red or green.

Various colours

Multiple Colours

Light outputs can be provided in a range of different colours, including white, red or green.



Lights can be dimmed individually or by area to provide complete control over illumination levels.



Lights can be enabled for LiFi permitting secure connectivity within compartments around the ship.

Battery backup

Battery Back-up

A range of options are available to permit emergency lighting in the event of power failure.