Rugged design and construction for internal or external use

4000K white light output

Dual mode options with low level white or red, NVG or dark adaptation

2x18W or 2x36W equivalents

Options for dimming control, PIR and LiFi integration

EX Zone 2 available

A range of rugged LED luminaires designed for deck head mounting. Their appearance makes them ideally suited to the internal warship environment, but they can equally well be used externally.

Two sizes broadly match the light outputs of 2x18W and 2x36W fluorescent units. The units are ruggedised against impact damage and are weather sealed for IP67 ingress protection.

Dual mode units offer the combination of full brightness 4000K white light output and a second mode with either low level white or red for dark adaptation/safety lighting, or low level white NVG compatible.

Other options include dimming control and addition of a PIR module for automatic switching and energy saving. LiFi integration is also an option.