Complete range of LED navigation lights

MED certified, COLREG compliant

NVG compliant without dimming

Touchscreen control panel

Complete control system

Range of voltages for individual lights

No ship rewiring needed

Consolite has worked closely with a long established manufacturer of certified navigation lights to develop a range of LED based navigation lights and systems for warships, including NVG compliant options.

All lights are fully compliant with COLREG requirements and are MED certified.

NVG variants are fitted with very carefully controlled filters to provide the correct degree of NVG compatibility, compliant to Def Stan 02-587 Part 3. This means they have the correct balance to ensure both long range aided acquisition and minimal impact on NVG performance at close range, while still fully meeting all legal requirements for unaided visibility.

All light types required for naval vessels can be supplied, and are available in both NVG and non-NVG variants, with or without integral heating for anti-icing.

We can supply individual lights for retrofit in 24V DC, 115V AC or 230V AC versions, but most customers opt for a complete turnkey system. That consists of a rugged touch screen Control Panel, a Control Cabinet and a Power Supply and Interface Panel, with current controlled lights.

The Control Panel permits independent control of every light, with mimics and tables to show the status. Groups of lights can be established to operate different navigation modes.  Alarms are provided for communications status, power input and light condition.

The Control Cabinet provides power to each light and communicates with the Control Panel, responding to commands and reporting the status of the lights.

The Power Supply and Interface Panel provides power to the Control Panel and is the communication link between the Control Panel and the Control Cabinet.

Optionally a Safe Return To Port (SRTP) can be included to provide an emergency back up to switch the five essential navigation lights in case of damage to the main control system.

A separate Control Console with all control system elements integrated is also available as an option.